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Hauser Innovations is a company founded in 2015 on dreams and ideas. The ideas are what started it and the dream to make those ideas a reality is why we are here today. The thought that my ideas could be something that people could find helpful or useful created my motivation. Finding a way to make my idea a reality created a struggle. I asked questions, I met people, I listened, I learned, I slowly made progress. I had late nights, early mornings, and tons of support from my wife and wonderful family. Here it is! Hauser Innovations, a company solving the most common problems with the simplest ideas. A company based around our love for the outdoors and ways to make them more enjoyable. For now we are living our dream, we have one product that has become a reality. Our product, Drop Lock, is a magnetic paddle locking system for canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards. It takes the struggle out of paddle placement and puts ease, convenience, and relaxation into every trip. For now this is a start, we are excited about our product! Where will we be in the future? Let’s just say we have a lot of ideas.                                                                                                 – Charles Hauser, Founder & President

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Drop Lock™ Magnetic Paddle Locking System


  • Great for Fishing!
  • Great for Relaxing while on the water!
  • Great for Paddle Storage while getting in and out of your vessel!
  • Lock your paddle using the Power of Magnets!
  • Only Magnetic Paddle Locking System on the Market!
  • Locking and removal of Paddle only requires One Hand!
  • Paddle in your way? Not anymore!
  • Quickest Paddle Locking System on the Market!
  • Great for Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and Canoes!
  • Tough and Durable for All Types of Climates and Adventures
  • There are many different paddle connection variations with this product. Set it so your paddle can connect along or across your kayak or paddleboard.  Or both!  You choose!
  • Made in the USA!
The Drop Lock™ Magnetic Paddle Locking System includes two magnetic bases which have a low profile patent pending design so they can stay out of your way.  Created to be used on Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and Canoes the innovative cross concave patent pending design allows for paddles to fit snuggly along or across the water vessel to the owners liking.  These bases were developed to be tough and durable for all types of climates and adventures.  Also included are two Drop Lock™ metal handle pieces that have been designed and concave stamped to fit paddle handles almost as if they aren’t event there.  Covered with durable powder coat paint, the handle pieces securely fasten to your paddle by a 3M VHB™ tape backing.  This is one of the strongest adhesive products on the market.  Once attached to your handle your paddle will lock to the bases with close to 30 lbs of magnetic pull force.  This product came from the simple issue of a sliding paddle with no place to store it while on the water.  The Drop Lock™ takes the struggle out of paddle placement and puts ease, convenience, and relaxation into every trip!  You will love this product!

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